Vision insurance is an important benefit for many reasons, but if you don’t take advantage of all that it offers, you’re essentially leaving money on the table.

In general, vision insurance is a supplemental insurance. That is, it’s not part of your major medical insurance, but rather is an additional policy. You probably pay a separate monthly premium for vision insurance.

Whether you or your employer pays the premium for your vision insurance, you get certain benefits because you have it. One of them is likely an annual eye exam.

Annual eye exams don’t roll over to the next year, so if you don’t get yours, you simply forfeit that benefit. There are many reasons you shouldn’t let your annual vision exam go unused.


Different vision policies have different benefits. You most likely have coverage for an annual, comprehensive eye exam that may be called a routine exam. You may also have coverage for a medical eye exam.

The difference between the two may be determined by your insurance company rather than by what happens during the exam. The basics of both exams are similar, and having either type of exam is a valuable tool for your health. Your complaint and diagnosis may play into how your exam is classified.

We are happy to provide advice regarding your insurance coverage, but a quick call to your insurance company may help you understand your coverage.


Comprehensive annual eye exams are essential for good health, regardless of whether your insurance company classifies them as medical or routine.

If you wear glasses or contacts, making sure your prescription doesn’t need to be updated should be a priority. Why bother wearing glasses if they aren’t the right prescription and you still can’t see? Your policy may also help pay for the cost of new lenses each year.

Digital eye strain is real, and it is a pervasive problem. Looking at your computer, your phone, or your tablet is rough on your eyes, and you don’t want your vision to suffer. Digital eye strain can lead to dry eyes, which can be uncomfortable. At Vision Performance Center of Minnesota, we look for signs of digital eye strain during your exam.

Just as your skin is susceptible to damage from the sun, so are your eyes. A comprehensive eye exam reveals any sun damage, as well as any particular risk you may have. Our staff is happy to offer tips on protecting your eyes from dangerous UV rays.

If you have allergies, count that as another reason to have a comprehensive annual eye exam. Our doctors can offer suggestions for managing any symptoms that affect your eyes.

Your eyes provide valuable insight into your overall health. Having an annual exam may alert you to an array of potential health issues.

Finally, a comprehensive eye exam allows us to monitor you for any symptoms of eye diseases and conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other issues.

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